Each September, the junior children have the opportunity to run for the Student Council. They decide on their  policies and what they would like to achieve in the year, put posters around the school and run hustings in assembly  to tell the other children all about their ideas. The whole school then votes, and five children are elected. The  Student Council then meets regularly throughout the year, to discuss ideas about how to make our School a better  place. After Student Council meetings, members go back to their classes and let everyone know the outcome.  The Student Council has its own budget, which it has recently used to pay for the leavers’ party, buy new playground  equipment and support charities. The group is currently discussing ideas to make further improvements to playtimes  as well as thinking about ways to encourage children to take more responsibility for various jobs within the School.   This year’s representatives are: Johnny, Tia, Michael, Laurissa, Jada and Robert.