Chair Alex Clarke-Cornwell Secretary Helen Hallwood Treasurer Leeann Aspinall Contact is via the school office. Check the notice board in the playground for latest information. 100 club runs each month, with 50% of the  money going on cash prizes and 50% to PTA funds. . Meetings are held monthly, on the first Friday (excluding school holidays) Welcome to the Parents Teachers Association section of the  Clarendon Cottage website.  While your son or daughter is at  Clarendon Cottage, you are automatically a member of the PTA.  The PTA is registered as charity and is run by the charity  trustees, who are a group of parents and teachers at the school.  The trustees form the PTA committee and conduct regular PTA  meetings. Any parent at the school or nursery is also welcome to  attend and take part in these meetings and this is often how  parents become involved in the PTA.   Meetings are held on the first Friday of each month during term-  time, usually before school at 8.00, in the staff room. If you  attend the meeting your child can stay in Before School Club free  of charge. Check the playground notice board for dates of meetings and a  copy of previous minutes.   PTA members work with the staff on fundraising activities.  We  run stalls at the Summer and Christmas Fairs, serve  refreshments at Sports Day and other events and organise  parties for the children.  We also try to have at least one major  sponsored event during the year. Parents aren’t forgotten either. There are social events planned  throughout the year. Another function of the PTA is to provide a forum for parents to  have a say and play a more direct role in the school’s progress,  commenting on new proposals and initiatives. We can only discover your views if you attend, however, so do  come along and add your voice.  If you want to raise a matter  but do not wish to do so yourself then speak to a committee  member before the meeting and they will raise this for you.   We look forward to welcoming you onto our team.